"No Mud, No Lotus" Copper Cuff Ring

“…Without mud, you cannot have a lotus flower. Without suffering, you have no ways in order to learn how to be understanding and compassionate…. Happiness is the lotus flower, and the suffering is the mud. So the practice is how to make use of the suffering, make use of the mud, to create the flower, the happiness, and this is possible.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

This ring was cut from a thick copper sheet (18 gauge), hammered, stamped, annealed and then formed, filed and oxidized. Copper is excellent for arthritis and is a natural antifungal, antimicrobial and free radical neutralizer.

Ring is 1.2 cm tall. It is advisable to measure the digit of the finger you plan to put it on. If 1.2 cm is too tall or not tall enough, just let me know the measurement and I can cut accordingly when I make it.

You can wear it with the gap showing on the bottom or top of the finger.

Also, let me know where you want the words stamped (inside - 3rd photo or outside the ring) as well as your men's or ladies ring size.

Blackened version of ring shown in 1st and 5th pictures. There is a comparison with the raw and blackened in the 4th picture. You can choose which one you would prefer in the drop down menu.

Each ring will have its own distinctive marks and shape. One of a kind:)

If sending as a gift to another recipient, let me know what you would like written on the note card in the Order Notes.

All items are sent by Canada Post. Customs fees, import charges and taxes are the responsibility of the consumer.


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